Results-oriented Healing

My goal is to help clients to achieve rapid, permanent and thorough results to improve the quality of their lives through spiritual guidance and hypnotherapy. I believe that with thoughtful guidance and the most effective modalities for healing, you should expect to see significant progress in a reasonable period of time, and not have to anticipate life-long therapy.  My intention is to aid you on the path of healing and self-realization to increase the level of harmony and happiness in your life.

Meet Ann Mei, Ph.D.

I am a hypnotherapist available for sessions online. In my practice, I use hypnotherapy and other complementary modalities to help my clients make major shifts in their emotional lives and their personal and spiritual development.

I received my Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from The New School for Research in 1994 and did my post-doctoral training at the University of Michigan from 1994-1998. I spent many years in the academic world, immersed in cutting-edge discoveries in psychology and neuroscience and teaching psychology students the full gamut of traditional psychology methods. I was a Fulbright Senior Specialist, Teacher and Caregiver Trainer in Myanmar and a Teacher Trainer for the Joyce Banda Foundation in Malawi.

It was my own journey of transformation, spiritual growth and healing that was the inspiration for my practice today. I have led a fascinating, rewarding and wonderful life – from studying acting and being active in the theater in New York, to living and teaching abroad, to working with thought leaders in developmental psychology, to raising my amazing son. Like many, though, I had some very deep issues stemming from my family of origin and from emotional traumas throughout my life. Only through a committed practice of deep healing was I able to achieve significant personal breakthroughs and the state of personal bliss I experience today.

I found some of the disciplines and modalities that I used in my personal healing to be so powerful, that I have since been trained in them and incorporate them in my work with clients. I am certified in hypnotherapy by the Southwest Healing Institute for the Arts (SWIHA). I also use The Emotion Code and other processes, as appropriate, based on my clients’ needs. These therapies, combined with my formal education and experience in academia, provide me with the tools to provide a thorough and profound healing experience for my clients.


Spiritual Counseling

I am a healer first and foremost. I provide a safe space to support you with whatever it is that you choose to focus on to nurture your healing and growth. I see us as collaborators who work together to achieve your goals starting with one of several modalities that is appropriate for you.



Hypnotherapy allows us the speak directly to the unconscious in order to integrate conscious goals. Do you know what your issues, traumas or goals are, yet find it difficult to effect the changes you would like to see in your behaviors and in your life? Hypnotherapy is proven to be effective in translating your conscious knowledge into deep knowledge and transformation.

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