“I struggled with postpartum depression and anxiety and never got the help I needed until I meet Ann. Because I didn’t get the help I needed I delt with suicidal ideation for a year. She helped heal not only my mind but my soul. We were also able to make peace with a lot of my childhood trauma. Her wisdom has transformed me into the mother I have always wanted to be! I had a lot of health issues and she helped me every step of the way so I wouldn’t fall back into bad habits with my depression. She gives you exercises that help get you on the road to recovery. Ann goes the extra mile and above to help you wherever you are in life. I have used several therapists around the US and never had one like Ann. I can’t thank her enough for turning my life around! The skills I have learned from her I will use for the rest of my life. We also did family therapy and I have now been able to have a healthy relationship with my brother after 6 years of no communication. She is an amazing healer and I highly recommend her to anyone who feels lost in the world of mental health. Her compassion for others is very admirable. My anxiety and depression is gone. If any of it creeps back into my life I know how to handle it because of the skills Ann taught me. I have been suicidal free for almost a year. She also helps me with getting better sleep. I sleep 7-8hrs and wake up ready to start my day! Ann is the only therapist I’ve meet who heals your mind, body and soul! Love you Ann!!!”

“When I first started working with Ann I didn’t know what to expect.  I tried hypnosis before but didn’t get the results I was looking for.  Ann is very different she has a wide background of professional trainings that became so helpful for me and my unique challenges. We were able to have some real breakthroughs!  I gained a deeper relationship with my emotions and for the first time became o.k. with experiencing them instead of thinking there was something wrong with me.  Ann made it easy to open up and relax around her because she herself is very healed.  She has done her own self development and it shines through in her authenticity.  Beyond that she is warm, loving and she has a way of making the process fun and easy.  Also and very importantly, Ann recognized in our last session that I had “graduated.”  I got what I needed and she wasn’t interested in stringing me along as a patient but rather to come by when needed.  If you are looking for your life to change in a beautiful way I highly recommend making an appointment as you won’t regret it.”

“I was looking for someone with solid credentials who incorporated spirituality and other healing modalities into her practice, and Ann was a perfect fit. I had done a lot of self-development in the past, but had some major blocks that still remained. Ann is warm, bright, engaging and genuinely wants to help. We did spiritual healing as well as emotional baggage transformation, hypnotherapy and other tools when needed. I was able to process some very deep emotional issues that had been buried for many years and make some real progress. Ann was insightful enough to help me to identify things I had not identified before, flexible enough to deliver just what I needed in each appointment, available to help with whatever I needed throughout the process and so committed and caring. She is an amazing practitioner that will help you to make real progress in your personal healing.”