I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the fact that most people seem preoccupied with finding a partner. As I write this I am flying to New York. Earlier I read the inflight magazine and noticed at least a half dozen adds for matchmaker services. Perhaps this is a new development, that finding love has eclipsed financial success as our number one preoccupation? I see this as a hopeful development. If we can see that love is the most important thing in the world, this is a step in the right direction. When two come together in love, more balance is created in the world, more peace, more understanding. This is the ideal that compels us forward, and I think that we may be feeling this compulsion now, more than ever before. Our ideas of love have been evolving as well. We are seeking more than someone to warm our beds and provide our dinner. We want real connection, real understanding. Someone to see and know us and love us for who we really are. Perhaps we even want to really know that other person, to learn to love them with all their flaws and limitations.

Today, I invite you to honor yourself for that desire. It is beautiful and true. It represents a beginning for humankind. A beginning for us to all recognize each other and ourselves with love. I invite you to take that desire and put it into action. Not by visiting your dating app, but by choosing to extend love in all circumstances. And by choosing to commit to love for the Self. Self love is the key to everything. As we really practice self love, which by the way, means taking the time to go within, we will see radical transformations in our lives. There are many steps and stages to this practice, including starting to listen to the voices in your head and perhaps questioning what they have been saying to you. Revisiting old wounds and grudges, learning to heal and forgive. And if you have already done this, do it again, go deeper; never stop. This is where our true power lies. Go so deeply into that one consciousness with healing, forgiveness, love and understanding, that you explode through the illusion that you are separate, that it is possible to be alone.

As you honor that desire, recognize it for what it truly is, the desire to bring truth and healing to our planet, to balance our energies and to extend love. As you recognize this desire, begin to put it into practice with every action, every word, and every thought you have. The expressions of love are infinite, and each moment is an opportunity to appreciate love. Can you see it in the clouds, hear it in the rain, and smell it in the pine trees? Can you see it in your brother and sisters’ eyes? If you look, it is there. 

I know that it is difficult to believe, but as you practice feeding your desire for love by allowing love to flow through you, the perception that there is anything that could possibly be lacking in your life melts away. The perception that a partner can add anything to your life, or take anything away is replaced with the knowledge that infinite love is available to you at all times. You are in fact made of love, and you eventually come to feel each cell in your body tingling with love’s vibrational energy. And this happens through discipline and practice. 

My next series of blogs will address self healing and self love as the paths to knowing this free flow of love at all times. I will be giving you lots of practical advice and exercises for how to accomplish it. You will find the process simple and enjoyable. I invite you to join me!